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Reduce Your Healthcare Costs AND Improve Employee Satisfaction!

Key Resources Necessary to Transform Your Healthcare System


·         The American healthcare system produces a staggering amount of waste and poor outcomes


  • 4 Thinking Tools create intelligent healthcare consumers who will confidently reduce medical costs and reinvest their savings in powerful ways. We can open your employees’ minds to cost-effective, innovative approaches to healthcare insurance and delivery.


  • Based upon a medical doctor’s decades of medical practice,  research and healthcare leadership, these concepts are intuitive and transformational.


  • Our educational seminars will encourage an expedient transition away from full healthcare coverage to a unique implementation of Healthcare Savings Accounts, Accountable Care Organizations, HMOs, or a medical home structure.  These latter insurance models are more effective not to mention more cost effective than the traditional fee-for-service system.


  • Unwavering reliance on questionable healthcare technologies is expensive and dangerous.  In contrast, modern medicine has largely ignored ecologic approaches to health and healing which are more customizable and therefore more satisfying, produce less side effects, are more effective in 90% of cases, and less expensive!


  • A portion of healthcare savings can be used for more robust wellness programs that will improve employee satisfaction with their healthcare, improve employee engagement, and improve employee productivity.  All without any financial investment!


  • Next steps can include:
    • Learn more with our YouTube video
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    • Go to and listen to the lecture provided by Dr. Nijhawan which includes an overview of the 4 Thinking Tools.
    • Contact us to provide a free, brief presentation to your leadership team:
    • We will customize a seminar for your employees.  This will empower a movement to HSAs, innovative insurance, and/or a wellness programs which will stabilize and reduce healthcare costs while improving employee satisfaction with their overall coverage.



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Modern Medicine is Killing You – Start YOUR Healthcare Revolution NOW!

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