We are confident that the future of healthcare delivery innovation will be nurse-centered whether driven by nurses, advanced practice nurses, or nurse-administrators. Our seminars teach the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of a healthcare revolution derived from a physician leader's 20+ year journey through all aspects of the American Healthcare System. Once nurses are empowered with these thinking tools, they will be confident in playing a leadership role in designing the future of medicine!
     The WHY of a healthcare revolution is understanding the 4 major Flaws of Modern Medicine, a collection of mistakes society has allowed over the past 50 years. The good news is these mistakes can be reversed in the WHAT of the healthcare revolution driven by Functional and Integrative medicine. These movements can be supported by the HOW of innovative redesigns of healthcare accountability and incentives, especially changes in healthcare insurance and reimbursement models again with nurses at the center of the new paradigm.

Please study the following 2-page brochure to understand the type of seminar we can structure for you, the expected outcomes, as well as our credibility in presenting this material

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