Praise for Modern Medicine is Killing You

     This book is a must read. Dr. Nijhawan gives us a laser focused view on the path ahead for real health care reform. This isn't just public policy, this is the path ahead for every thoughtful consumer for their own journey.
     The most important audience for this book is the 500 Americans who constitute our congress, cabinet and other critical leadership, and the 300 other million Americans who might have some concerns about how their health care works. This book is a brilliant view that no one else has offered. This is how to make real health care reform.
     This book is a seismic shift in thinking. Finally, how real health care reform should work. Any business wanting to cut health care costs 30-50% must read this book, because this is the foundation for how to make real health care reform work. We have to align incentives, develop Dr. Nijhawan's insight into life ecology, and explore how to really develop long lasting health change. This book is just a delightful look at the path ahead.

John E. Whitcomb, MD
Medical Director of Patient Access, Aurora Health Care

     I highly recommend Dr. Nijhawan's new book. By far, it is one of the most comprehensive overviews of the state of medical care in this country. He brings an acute understanding from a personal clinical level of practicing medicine. More importantly Dr. Nijhawan critically integrates all of the elements of the "perfect storm" which has led us to the highest cost health care system with poor value outcomes. His personal and political analysis offers insight and understanding into one of the most complex issues facing Americans today.

Kathryn Havens, MD

     We are in a health quandary. At a time when we need to invest in health, our system rewards disease management promoting "rescue" care that is often ineffective and potentially harmful. True health care recognizes the bio-pscyho-social and spiritual needs of unique humans to find their own health. Unfortunately, helping someone become healthy is not financially supported within the current medical model. Dr. Nijhawan takes an insightful approach to explain how we got to this challenge and what we can do to overcome it. He creatively shows how we can place value towards true health care which can reduce cost and improve quality. This book describes a captivating vision for positive change.

David Rakel, MD
Director, University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine
Associate Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

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